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New Leadership Delivering Results for Texas and America

Steven has been called to serve and is running for Congress because he loves America. In order to pass our representative democracy on to future generations, true conservatives must to step forward and fight for the American dream. His true Texas values of hard work, faith, family and freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness are fundamental rights we must protect. 

Democratic socialism, oppressive overreaching governmental regulation and career bureaucrats are all attacking America. Drain the SWAMP! Post-Trump election hysteria with false Russian “collusion” accusations, abhorred Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing and sham Trump impeachment has revealed how disturbingly entrenched the liberal/socialist anti-American movement has become. Their liberal/socialist agenda must be stopped. Send Steven from Texas District 23 to Congress to continue the fight and keep taking America back!

Steven will take his years of experience fighting for your rights to Washington and fight for District 23 and Texas values for America. His core family values and love for America will provide strength to fight every day to ensure the America tomorrow will be better than the America of today.

As an attorney, Steven has practiced law over 20 years primarily focused on zealously representing clients for their benefits and compensation. Further, in the past 4 years, Steven has been associated with an environmentally conscious water development company which explores for and produces non-potable brackish water for commercial purposes.

Steven was born and raised in south Texas. (born in Kingsville, TX-raised in Victoria, TX). Steven holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Texas at San Antonio and Doctorate of Jurisprudence from John Marshall Law School.

Steven is married to his wife of 27 years Denise and they have 4 wonderful children: Andrew, Allison, Austin and Alec. Steven and his family are active members in St. Matthew Catholic Church in San Antonio.


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