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Steven understands American capitalism is based in private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit. He supports President Trumps deregulation and will continue building on our strong economy. Steven will work to ensure overly burdensome regulation is not passed to negatively affect District 23's diverse industries of energy production, retail trade, education services, healthcare, farming and ranching and manufacturing prosper. Smaller government means better economy for all. Tax cuts should be permanent and debt ceiling should not be raised.


Steven will fight to preserve the rule of law and support the Constitution. He supports the Bill of Rights for ALL Americans which includes 1st Amendment right to religious liberty, free speech and press; 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear Arms; and 5th Amendment right to due process. Our democratic republic is based on God given freedom and protected by the Constitution and it must be protected.


Steven will fight for healthcare freedom and deregulation which promotes competition between healthcare insurance and pharmaceutical companies.  Nationalized healthcare or single-payer healthcare systems are not good for Texans or Americans. 

Border Security

Steven supports legal immigration, reforming immigration laws and securing the border to protect Texas and America. Texas District 23 has over 800 miles of United States/Mexico border comprising of 9 counties (of the 26 in District 23) along the Rio Grande River from south of El Paso to south of Eagle Pass. Steven knows District 23 is on the front line we must lead in securing the unsecured border. We must have safe, legal and humane immigration for all who desire to immigrate legally and aspire for the American dream.

Limited Government

Steven supports limited government and policies that support ALL Americans in reaching their potential and dreams. Less government is good for America and required for our great country to thrive. Policies should support America’s economic growth, entrepreneurial spirit, individual liberty, ability to make your dreams happen no matter your race, color or creed. Steven will support President Trump to keep America’s economic boom of the last 3 yrs. rolling and continue to “Make America Great Again!”


Steven will work for common sense regulation without fundamentally dismantling our free enterprise system. Each state and district within the state are better suited to deal with local environmental issues than the federal government.

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